Impact & Awareness

       So far this Regional Station has produced 12690.285  quintals of fodder seeds.  Beside this various kind of extension activities are being carried out in different States of this region.  18881 Nos. regular demonstrations were conducted. 111289 Nos. of minikits were distributed amongst the farmers since inception of this Regional Station.  289 Nos. Field Day/Farmers Fair were organized to create the awareness amongst the farmers for growing fodder crops and 255 Nos.  Training Programme were organized so far.  On various aspects of literature/handouts were prepared and provided to actual user, i.e. farmer, technical personnel’s of various states to disseminate the modern technology of fodder production, preparation of vermi-compost and phospho-compost.  At present, very less cultivated area under forage crops in this region, which is insufficient to meet the increasing demand of fodder.  Hence horizontal and vertical expansion of forage crops cultivation has been undertaken by utilization of uncultivated area like agricultural wasteland, roadsides, pond side, and the places not suitable for cultivation.                                                                                                                      

       At the initial stage, main emphasis was given on seed multiplication of different varieties.  From 1972 the extension work was started by conducting field demonstration.  Recently, the same has been geared up along with distribution of minikits, seedlings of fodder trees to create more stress on fodder cultivation.  The demand of fodder seeds from various quarter shows that the farmers are very much interested to grow improved quality of fodder crops.  Different organizations are approaching to train their concerned officials to make their programme more successful especially in the field of animal husbandry programme on T.V. and AIR are also being organized for making more popular of fodder cultivation.

       This station has created general awareness towards Dairy farmers to cultivate improved fodder crops to provide nutritious fodder for their animals. Every year we are selling more that 350-400 quintals of fodder seeds, roots slips/cuttings of perennial grasses i.e. Hybrid Napier, Guinea grass, Paragarss and Signal grass to the farmers. 

       Sorghum (P.C-23), Maize (J-1006), Ricebean (Bidhan-1/2), Teosinte (Sirsa improved), Cowpea (EC-4216, Bundel-2), Oats (OS-6, JHO-822), Hybrid Napier (IGFRI –10, PBN-83), Guinea grass (Hamil) and Coix (KCA-3) have become very popular among the farming community of this region by adopting extensive extension measures. 

      More emphasis was given to popularize Guinea grass variety Hamil in the dryer areas and Hybrid Napier (IGFRI- 10) under irrigated condition. The farmers have shown positive response in adopting the above grasses.  So far we have sold/distributed rooted slips of Hamil few lacks.